"Arizona Launches Massive DUI Enforcement for the Holidays"

"Arizona Launches Massive DUI Enforcement for the Holidays"

Why DUI Enforcement is Critical During the Holiday Season

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety Takes Action

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) has launched this year's statewide holiday DUI enforcement task force with a strong focus on an increase in boots on the ground. According to Lissette Morgan, a spokesperson for the GOHS, there were 286 DUI arrests over Thanksgiving weekend, a decrease from last year's 323 arrests.

Jesse Torrez, the office's director, emphasized that the everyday driver will experience high visibility from the increased task force. He points out that "9, 500 officers in one month doing 35 to 36, 000 traffic stops in one month is, if you talk to the officers here, that's a lot". In Arizona, officers stopped about 36, 000 cars, resulting in 1,736 of those stopped being aggravated DUI drivers and 480 DUI drug arrests.

Increase in Intoxicated Driving

The holiday season is notorious for an increase in intoxicated driving and driving under the influence. According to Torrez, speed is also increased in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and across the state. Moreover, Arizona is ranked fourth in pedestrian fatalities in the nation, which is alarming to the office.

Staffing Issues Across the State

Despite the increase in officers on the road during the holiday season, multiple agencies across the state report staffing issues and shortages. Torrez acknowledges the staffing issues, stating that "Each one of these agencies is working multiple hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime, and each one of these agencies and officers are committed to doing their job."

Importance of Planning

Given the increase in intoxicated driving during the holidays, Torrez underlines that planning is crucial when going out. "Plan a safe and sober ride home if you are drinking alcohol this holiday season", said Torrez. The office encourages everyone, including designated drivers, to download its Drive DUI-Free app or use ride-sharing services to get home safely.

Torrez also advises not letting anyone get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if they've been drinking and to ensure all guests at gatherings have sober rides home. His message is clear: "Drive sober or get pulled over."

The Bottom Line

The GOHS is taking a hard stance against intoxicated driving across the state with its holiday DUI enforcement task force. This initiative aims to increase the number of officers on the road and remind drivers of the importance of sober driving to avoid arrests, accidents and fatalities during the holiday season. Remember, driving drunk puts yourself and others on the road in danger. So, plan ahead and make responsible choices this holiday season to ensure safe and sober driving.

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